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New Configuration

8-16-2015 10:00PM EST - I am just putting the finishing touches on the website. Tweaking here and there and I am pretty pleased with the way it looks. I am also quite happy with Joomla as a themed system. I think I would recommend it over WordPress now. I've been thinking about setting up my other website with a Joomla theme as well. That site will be mostly blogging and things of that nature. But for now I am pretty happy with this web site and hope that all of my work will pay off soon.

 6-28-2015 4:00PM EST - DESTINATION WEDDING #1I shot my first destination wedding on June 20th in Westport, Massachusetts. I just finished uploading about 30 photos. It was actually my nieces wedding. The weather couldn't have been better (for a photographer). Overcast skies meant nobody needed to squint outside and the lighting was perfect. The wedding was an outdoor wedding at a nice little place called Bittersweet Farm. After the wedding I went up to Cape Cod for a few days with my daughter and we had a great time there as well. Did some whale watching with her, my parents, and my sister. I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to get back down to Georgia and get back to work. On top of that I had to get the photos edited and sent off to my niece which I will be finishing that up hopefully this week. 

6-13-2015 6:00AM EST - So I worked on the galleries again today. I setup a sub gallery structure that I think I am happy with. The main parts of the website are complete for the most part. I just need to add an About page and maybe a couple extra little things but for the most part, the most important parts of my web site are done.

6-11-2015 9:00PM EST -ASSESSMENT 1My overall assessment of Joomla, so far, is that it's pretty neat. I think I like it more than WordPress. There's definitely a learning curve between WordPress and Joomla but so far it's been interesting rebuilding my website using Joomla.

6-11-2015 8:30PM EST - I think I've found a nice gallery module for my Galleries page. I still want to tweak the galleries a little more though. I'd like to add multiple galleries to the Galleries page. 

6-7-2015 6:00PM EST - The site is coming together quite nicely. I've installed Joomla which is a theme driven interface much like the WordPress theme I was using with the old website. I figured I'd give Joomla a try just so I can get a taste of something new since I am starting over from scratch again. For now it's setup where I can take a break from it. I've been at this for about 9 hours now and it's time for a break!

6-7-2015 9:00AM EST - Due to circumstances beyond my control everything on my old website was lost. I am currently rebuilding the website and hope to have it back up and running at full speed by the end of the week.

On a programming note, I am thinking of using a different web application for my website. While it is a learning experience for me I hope that this will be better than the last website I had.

Crossing my fingers!!!